It starts with an impossible idea that meets focused creativity
and converts into great result


Our Story

From inception through to handover of our products, istotal focus towards our customer’s needs.Our recognition for the need of more affordable and sustainable dwellings has driven our teamto research and develop a product that will change the way we live .Our passion has been to develop building blocks towards more sustainable living, designed toadaptto the ever changing climate as well as the changing needs of the customer.Welcome to EzyBloq Building Systems.
Our Vision

Is to raise the current standard for dwelling units to net zero energy units.Wehave developed a building system that canbe ordered and purchased online; the unit can be personalized by the customer atthe time of order.The timeframe from the time of order to occupancy will be between three to six months.EzyBloq is the new wayof life as you can now make your dream home more a reality at a fraction of the cost.

Meet Our Team